Avro GSE Now Providing Leasing on Ground Support Equipment as Part of Flexible Purchasing Options

Regina, SK – Avro GSE is now providing leasing options to its ground support equipment customers, as part of the company’s flexible purchasing options.  

“Providing our customers with an excellent customer experience is paramount to the service we offer,” said Wayne Cockburn, General Manager. “Providing our customers with flexible purchasing options is one way we ensure our customers receive excellency in Avro’s services.”

With the ground support industry set to expand to meet a growing amount of air travelers (forecasted by IATA to be 8.2 billion passengers by 2037), the demand for quality ground support equipment and flexible, cost-efficient solutions is essential to facilitating this growth.

Avro provides three convenient purchasing options for its ground support equipment customers:

  • Outright purchasing
  • Financing
  • Leasing

In all three purchasing options, Avro’s customers get Avro Tracker fleet telematics (level 1) as a standard functionality.

Avro Tracker fleet telematics helps ground handlers enhance operational efficiency, increase operator accountability and ensure safety checklists are always followed.

In addition to testing Avro Tracker fleet telematics, there are a wealth of benefits for customers who choose to lease ground support equipment, including:

  • Lower initial expenses
  • Larger available capital overlay
  • Equipment management is provided
  • Room for newer technology upgrades once leasing terms expires
  • Residual price guarantees for customers who choose to purchase equipment after leasing term is up.

All of Avro’s gasoline, diesel, and electric-powered equipment is qualified for leasing under Avro’s flexible purchasing options.

About Avro GSE

Avro GSE is one of North America’s full-service ground handling equipment suppliers, with a 25-year history of equipment sales and support, we know the urgency of reducing downtime and we understand the pressing need for immediate support.

For ground handlers and major airlines who are facing tighter deadlines, increased turnarounds and increasing pressure to meet on-time departures, Avro GSE offers innovative and cost-effective solutions with leading-edge GSE equipment, a comprehensive fleet management system and maintenance packages that enable our customers to service the most demanding environments safely and efficiently.

Avro GSE is challenging the status quo in the aviation industry by delivering a complete package so our customers can capitalize on synergies between our service offerings and achieved efficiencies, visibility, reliability, and compliance within their fleet.

For more information or to learn more about our leasing program, please contact:

Wayne Cockburn, General Manager
P: (877) 602-2159