Customer Testimonials

Our customers say it best when it comes to Avro’s equipment and state-of-the-art GSE fleet telematics. Hear our customers share first-hand what they love about our equipment and Avro Tracker!


How Avro’s Customer Service Brings Value to its GSE Customers

Thriving ground support operations are only as good as the equipment and service that backs them up. Hear how Avro’s responsive and collaborative service led to successful outcomes for this ground handling customer.


How Avro’s GSE Helps Minimize Ground Handler’s Downtime

Learn how Avro’s equipment and state-of-the-art fleet telematics helped our ground handling customer avoid downtime in their ground handling operations, and the features that make managing GSE fleets a breeze.


Avro Customer Praises Avro’s State-Of-The-Art Fleet Telematics

There isn’t any shortage when it comes to the benefits of Avro’s modern GSE fleet telematics. Hear first-hand what our customer loves about our state-of-the-art fleet telematics.