Parts and Service


Avro GSE equipment is designed with our customer’s needs in mind. Similarly, our Avro Care program is developed to help reduce downtime while maximizing the performance, value and efficiency of your fleet. We provide quick access to parts and service for all the equipment that we supply and maintain the highest standards for exceptional after-sales support and maintenance.

Through our parts commitment, Avro GSE guarantees:

  • Rapid delivery of parts and supplies for North American customers
  • Dedicated sourcing resource
  • Online parts management for convenient ordering
  • Add Avro Tracker to your fleet for JIT (Just in time) shipping/delivery of parts, pre-determined parts management kits and eliminate parts stocking and delays



With Avro Care, you can realize the benefits of our technologically advanced monitoring system – Avro Tracker – to track and maintain your equipment. This vendor-managed maintenance program ensures equipment performance is maximized and downtime is reduced, allowing you to be more proactive, productive and competitive.

Avro GSE provides options for three tiers of pre-managed maintenance plans. Our pre-managed maintenance plans allow you to:

Realize the benefits of proactive equipment and vehicle maintenance:

  • Avoid unscheduled downtime that disrupts operations
  • Minimize the expense of servicing a large equipment fleet
  • Prolong the life and maximize the value of equipment assets

Leverage new technology – GPS tracking and cloud monitoring

  • Continuous monitoring of operational status and service intervals
  • Real-time tracking of assets, detection and notification of error codes
  • Reduce paperwork and enforce compliance with safety and operational policies

Save valuable time as you manage your business

  • Avro monitors your equipment and manages your maintenance program
  • We help you maximize the performance, value and efficiency of your fleet
  • Allows you to be more proactive, productive and competitive
  • Local customer service presence
  • Accelerated service response
  • Customer satisfaction commitment

Avro allows you to focus on ground operations, not equipment maintenance.