How You Can Reduce GSE Downtime with Fleet Telematics

How You Can Reduce GSE Downtime With Fleet Telematics

With timing being so crucial in the ground handling and aviation industry, Ground Support Equipment (GSE) downtime is a ground handling manager’s nightmare.

Not only can GSE downtime cause a ripple effect in aircraft delays while ground handling manager’s scramble to find replacement GSE to transport baggage and complete other tasks required to prepare the aircraft for takeoff, the costs can quickly add up: with flight delays costing airlines 25 Billion US dollars annually.

Learn how you can successfully reduce GSE downtime with fleet telematics:

How Fleet Telematics Works

With fleet telematics, each GSE vehicle is equipped with an on-board data logger sensor. The information gathered by the ground support equipment fleets’ on-board data-logger is sent via wireless communications to a cloud-based server. An antenna on each vehicle transmits the stored data through cellular or Wi-Fi networks.

Simultaneously, information locating vehicles through GPS (Global Positioning Systems) is transmitted through an antenna.

The GPS time-stamped data is combined with data from the data-logger to provide integrated information about fleet location and movements. GPS data also enables setting custom geo-fencing parameters, which helps regulate vehicle movement and speed within certain airport areas.

Through cellular or Wi-Fi network communications, this data can be easily accessed wherever Internet service is available.

The data collected and transmitted is processed through a proprietary software application, then organized and presented in an information dashboard.

The success of a fleet management system depends greatly on how information is represented to the final user. The raw data coming from on-board sensors and GPS would be useless in its original form.

Good information dashboards present data visually in formats that can be understood intuitively. This makes information easy to interpret and allows for quick analysis and decisions.

The software organizes real-time details and data history, which are displayed in a variety of screen views and report formats. Instant alerts can also be scheduled when helpful.

The information dashboards can be viewed through a desktop computer and tablet, with more limited views through a mobile device. Ground handling management is able to review fleet status and vehicle activity at anytime where internet access is available.

How Do Fleet Telematics Reduce GSE Downtime?

Avro Tracker fleet telematics has several user-friendly features which help ground handling personnel avoid aircraft GSE downtime, including:

  • Avoiding unscheduled repairs with the ability to track and monitor GSE use-hours and preventative maintenance – unexpected GSE breakdown is a large contributing factor to downtime
  • Limiting unnecessary idling which can shorten a ground support equipment vehicle’s life and cause unexpected malfunctions
  • Remotely tracking fuel usage – never unexpectedly run out of fuel with the digital dashboard which gives you a big picture view of each ground handling vehicle’s fuel levels and movement

ROI on Reducing Downtime

By using Level 3 of Avro GSE’s comprehensive, state-of-the-art fleet telematics system, Avro Tracker, ground handlers can expect to save an average of $22,768 annually from reducing available downtime.

With Avro Tracker, ground handlers prevent an average of two hours of downtime for every 500 hours of unit utilization

This adds up to a total reduction of 414 hours in automated service dispatching per year (numbers based on a fleet size of 50 GSE vehicles).

View other cost-savings made possible with the implementation of Avro Tracker fleet telematics with our ROI Savings Calculator.


Avro GSE is one of North America’s full-service ground handling equipment suppliers, with a 25-year history of equipment sales and support, we know the urgency of reducing downtime and we understand the pressing need for immediate support.

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