Airport Ground Handling Equipment Cargo Loaders

With exceptional maneuverability and control, Avro Cargo Loaders streamline cargo handling for almost any type of aircraft with load capacities ranging from 7,800lb to 70,500lb.

All cargo loaders feature a compact turning radius, variable chasis height, multi-directional rollers, chainless transfer system including rubber tires and a hydraulic pullout engine system. The transfer module features full-length rollers for perfect alignment and easy loading of containers of pallets.

Unique simplified electrical system improves efficiency and simple emergency procedures with backup electric or manual control to improve operator safety. An optional safety approach system is also available.

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Avro GSE’s commitment to providing an all-in-one suite of ground support products is also bolstered by relationships within a network of complementary suppliers. Like SafeSmart Aviation, for example, who supply operators with height access products that protect MRO personnel from fall injury whilst working at height.

SafeSmart Aviation design and build aircraft maintenance stairs, steps, work platforms and hangar tidiness infrastructure.