Cleaning & Sanitation

We’ve teamed up with other forward-thinking companies to manufacture a range of sanitizer stations for use at various locations with low, medium or high traffic volumes. We also have liquid sanitizer ready to ship immediately anywhere in North America.

In an effort to stop the spread of the virus and prevent a relapse wave, placing hand sanitation stations in and around public places will help keep everyone safe. Please choose the one that fits your application and order now as we work together to flatten the curve.

  1. For smaller, low traffic areas, choose the 1 Litre Pedal Activated Hand Sanitizer Stand
  2. For mid-sized medium traffic public areas, choose the 1 Gallon Pedal Activated Hand Sanitation Station
  3. For larger, high traffic public areas, choose the 5 Gallon Wheelchair Accessible (ADA Compliant) Touchless Hand Sanitation Station

1 Gallon Pedal Activated…

1 Litre Pedal Activated…

EF100BP Electrostatic Fogger

Touchless 5 Gallon Hand…