LAM14000 33,070lb Capacity Main Deck Cargo Loader

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The LAM14000 is a Main Deck Cargo Loader offers an exceptional turning radius and includes full-length rollers for perfect alignment and easy loading of containers or pallets, with the option to include a safety approach system.

Power Type: Diesel (Tier 4)
DBP: 33,070lb (15,000.3kg)


Overall length : 11 055 mm
Overall width : 4 340 mm
Overall height : 3 550 mm
Wheelbase : 4 200 mm

The AIR MARREL LAM14000DP/MD8 loader is a development of the well known LAM7000DP/8 series and the robust
LAM14000DP/MD8. Designed and manufactured with CAD-CAM technology, the new loader brings more features, versatility
and ease of use to the operator. Even more, the reduced operating costs and aircraft ground time. It is suitable for narrow
container doors and wide pallet doors of the B767, it also handles the main deck of wide body aircraft, such as the B747
freighter and combi, DC10 or A300C4; with the capability of transferring up to 20 foot containers or pallets to proper main

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