AVAST523D 523 Premium Fuel Cart – Diesel

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Powered by Diesel, the 523G Premium Fuel Cart allows you to quickly and efficiently refuel machinery around your site and facility. This cart features a large lockable equipment cabinet to minimize the risk of equipment or fuel theft and protect your investment.

Tank Capacity: 523G
Tank Material: Steel

Capacity: 2,000 Litres / 523 US Gallons
Length: 2270 mm / 89.37 in
Width: 1416 mm / 55.75 in
Height: 1271 mm / 50.05 in
Weight: 714 kg / 1,574 lbs

The UN DOT approved Tank enables easy refueling around any site. The fully galvanized trailer features lights and electric brakes for unmatched durability and ease of use.

The Tank large lockable equipment cabinet is capable of housing and protecting a variety equipment such as pumps and hose reels. This added protection helps to minimize the risk of equipment or fuel theft.

Access manway enables easy access to the inner tank for routine cleaning and maintenance.

The unique shape of the Tank has a lower center of gravity, which provides safer and more reliable mobility.

The Tank's double-walled, 110% contained design and integral equipment cabinet effectively capture and contain any potential drips or spills that could occur.

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