The Life of a Baggage Tractor – How to Get the Most of Your Baggage Tractor Fleet

Let’s get real – a new fleet of baggage tractors is no small investment. While there is a cost that comes with upgrading your baggage tractor fleet, the return on investment in operational savings and reassurance of continuity of operations can be extraordinary.

From the very beginning of selecting the right baggage tractor fleet for your operations, to integrating and onboarding your new fleet along with fleet telematics, we’ve created a list of tips on how you can get the most of your baggage tractor fleet and bolster your return on investment.

Select a baggage tractor fleet that meets your goals

Before purchasing, it’s imperative to select baggage tractors that help you meet your business goals.

There are several options to choose from:

  • Traditional, fuel-powered baggage tractors
  • Diesel-powered baggage tractors
  • Electric-powered baggage tractors

It’s important to note that purchasing baggage tractors is not a siloed effort. There are many intertwined factors to consider when making a purchasing decision. For example,

  • Maintenance – the cost and resources needed for maintenance is too often overlooked by ground support handlers.
  • Environmental impact – many ground support companies include limiting CO² emissions as part of their business strategy.
  • Cost-savings features – consider the overall costs-savings that can occur with electric-powered baggage tractors or diesel-powered baggage tractors
  • Telematics packages – when baggage tractors are paired with fleet telematics, features like asset tracking ensure your fleet is operating when, where, and how it should be.
  • Customizable features – when considering how your baggage tractors will fit into your brand identity, get the most out of your fleet by opting for colour options which comply with your branding for enhanced branding and aesthetic value. 

Make the most out of your baggage tractor purchase by ensuring you choose a fleet which helps you meet your business goals.

Keep up with proactive maintenance

Ground handlers have two choices: either be proactive, or reactive. If left to the last minute, maintenance can cause baggage tractor downtime, resulting in disruptions to operations.

Innovative and committed companies, such as Avro GSE, offer comprehensive pre-packaged proactive maintenance plans so ground handlers can focus more on customers and be assured that their equipment will be maintained for smooth operations.

Additionally, a pre-packaged maintenance program can offer you the cost-savings of not having to service a large equipment fleet.

Provide your team with comprehensive training

Introducing a new fleet of baggage tractors is exciting for ground support teams. By offering comprehensive training to your ground support team, you can help them become experts in equipment operation.

Avoid downtime from operator error by proactively training your ground support team on basic maintenance and troubleshooting tips. If you have chosen an electric-powered fleet, be sure to educate you team on battery health.

For example, special precautions need to be taken into consideration with lead-acid battery powered fleets. This is because if the battery is drained more than 50%, the overall lifetime usage will be cut short.

Comprehensive training is essential if fleet telematics comes with your new line of baggage tractors, as the dashboard is unique and onboarding is necessary to utilize and benefit from the features.

Ground support teams and quality baggage tractors go hand-in-hand when it comes to successful ground handling operations, so make the most out of your fleet by giving your team the skills they need to operate your baggage tractor fleet with success. Learn more about implementing new fleet technology in your ground handling operations.

Integrate fleet telematics along with your baggage tractor fleet

Fleet telematics can give you a wealth of information on how your baggage tractors are being utilized within your ground support fleet.

The benefits of including fleet telematics with your baggage tractors are many:

  • Real-time e-mail alerts – notified when any issues with your baggage tractors arise, giving you the ability to manage them proactively .
  • Fuel management – idle/unattended shutdown control for fuel-powered baggage tractors
  • Visibility & control – know and access information equipment information 24/7.
  • GPS snap-shots & geo-fencing – view location details through GPS location.
  • Monitoring of operator behavior – track speed, drive times, impacts, and more.

Integrating this fleet management technology along with your baggage tractors is a team effort from ground handling operators up to management.

Develop a comprehensive training program before implementing your new fleet technology. Identify what features are different than your current technology and areas that may be difficult for new users to understand. Having your team feel fully confident and comfortable operating your fleet technology is crucial to implementation success.  You may even wish to create your own user manual unique to your company.

Communicating the benefits of the new fleet technology before and during the training can create excitement and a sense of ease within your team. It can also heighten the willingness to learn.

It is important to identify a contact person for when your employees or colleagues have questions about the new fleet technology while on the job. You may wish to designate “super users” on your team who are well-versed in operating the new fleet technology.

By selecting a high-quality fleet of baggage tractors that meet your needs, integrating fleet telematics and training your team, you’ll be able to make the most out of your baggage tractor purchase.

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