Why Aftercare is Essential for Ground Handling Operations

Why Aftercare is Essential for Ground Handling Operations

Downtime can be a ground handling operations manager’s worst nightmare, incurring unnecessary costs and draining scarce equipment and personnel resources.

There are many factors why downtime can occur in ground handling operations – with issues such as equipment malfunction, operator error, and delays in receiving needed equipment parts or servicing often being contributing factors.

Aftercare includes all the service ground handlers receive after purchasing ground support equipment, including parts support and shipping, scheduled regular maintenance, and any other warranty care.

Learn more about how aftercare can enhance your ground handling operations and prevent unnecessary and costly downtime:

On-demand parts

With busy ground handling operations, which play an integral part in keeping passenger and freight aircraft flights on time, ground handlers can’t afford to wait around for parts when ground support equipment breaks down or malfunctions.

Choosing a ground support equipment provider who supplies on-demand parts is an integral part to keeping your ground handling operations running smoothly and without interruption.

GSE parts are not always readily available as they need to be sourced and shipped, which can become a time-consuming process, depending on the availability of the specific part and the location of the ground handler. This makes it all the more important to ensure that your ground support equipment provider supplies on-demand parts – saving you unnecessary shipment wait times and potential downtime.

Avro GSE offers customers a parts commitment which includes:

  • Rapid delivery of parts and supplies for North American customers
  • Dedicated sourcing resource
  • Online parts management for convenient ordering
  • The option to add Avro Tracker to your fleet for just-in-time shipping and delivery of parts, including pre-determined parts management kits, which eliminates parts stocking and delays

Don’t risk being caught in a bind to source parts when you need them – give yourself piece of mind by opting for a ground support equipment provider who is well-stocked and has established connections with OEMs to provide you with on-demand parts as you need them.

Pre-managed maintenance programs

Avro GSE’s Avro Tracker fleet telematics offers customers real-time alerts when fleet maintenance is due, meaning you never have the unpleasant surprise of missing a service date in the every day bustle of ground handling operations.

This allows ground handlers to spend their time where they need it the most – on operations, not equipment maintenance, allowing them to be proactive, productive and competitive.  

Avro provides three options for tiers of pre-managed maintenance programs, which give ground handling customers the benefits of:

  • Avoiding unscheduled downtime that disrupts operations
  • Minimizing the expense of servicing a large equipment fleet
  • Prolonging the life and maximizing the value of equipment assets
  • Having reassurance with local customer service presence 
  • Receiving accelerated service responses
  • Gaining piece of mind with Avro’s customer service satisfaction commitment 

Fleet telematics

Learning about minor issues before they potentially develop into major problems is essential for keeping your ground handling operations running smooth long after your ground support equipment purchase.

A fleet management system’s advanced sensors and connectivity bring together the exact information management needs to keep ground support operations operating continuously and profitably post equipment sale.

Using fleet telematic technology as part of your aftercare strategy allows ground handlers to:

  • Track and monitor use-hours and preventative maintenance, fleet movement and condition
  • Log data via sensors, which includes fuel level, flow, speed, and engine hours
  • Receive analysis of vehicle use and response times through data logging
  • Schedule update notifications for regular proactive maintenance
  • Receive fault code tracking and notifications

With Avro GSE’s Avro Tracker fleet telematics, ground handling operations managers can confirm the health and safety of employees, as well as quickly keep operations on track – such as by checking the vehicle’s condition and finding a replacement, if necessary.

These aftercare features not only proactively alert ground handlers of repairs to be made, but help ground handlers curb additional more expensive damages before they occur.

Comprehensive warranties

Ground support equipment is only as good as the warranty that backs it. Continuous operations are integral in the industry, which is why a comprehensive warranty is an essential component for ground handler’s post-sale service aftercare.

With Avro GSE’s Avro Care, ground handlers can rest assured knowing that their ground handling operations will run smoothly after equipment purchase with:

  • Notification prior to scheduled maintenance intervals
  • Just-in-time shipment of certified parts at a discounted price
  • Notification of equipment fault codes and parts replacement
  • Save money on parts, your labor performs the maintenance

Don’t risk the embarrassment of downtime and your reputation as a ground handler, and ensure your post-sale aftercare includes the necessities for minimizing downtime, such as on-demand parts sourcing, a comprehensive pre-managed maintenance program, fleet telematics and a robust warranty.

Avro GSE is one of North America’s full-service ground handling equipment suppliers, with a 25-year history of equipment sales and support, we know the urgency of reducing downtime and we understand the pressing need for immediate support.

For ground handlers and major airlines who are facing tighter deadlines, increased turnarounds and increasing pressure to meet on-time departures, Avro GSE offers innovative and cost-effective solutions with leading-edge GSE equipment, a comprehensive fleet management system and maintenance packages that enable our customers to service the most demanding environments safely and efficiently.

Avro GSE is challenging the status quo in the aviation industry by delivering a complete package so our customers can capitalize on synergies between our service offerings and achieved efficiencies, visibility, reliability, and compliance within their fleet.