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As one of North America’s premier full-service ground handling equipment suppliers, with a nearly 30-year history of equipment sales and support, we know the urgency of reducing downtime and we understand the pressing need for immediate support and service. For ground handlers and major airlines who are facing tighter deadlines, increased turnarounds and increasing pressure to meet on time departures, Avro GSE offers innovative and cost effective solutions with leading-edge GSE equipment, a comprehensive fleet management system, and maintenance packages that enable our customers to service the most demanding environments, safely and efficiently.



New Avro GSE 2019/2020 product catalogue released!

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Avro Tracker

A GPS fleet management solution for your GSE equipment based on the latest advancements in telematics technology, Avro Tracker is a wireless asset management system that provides:

  • ⟶ Real time Asset Visibility
  • ⟶ Verification and Accountability
  • ⟶ Critical Event Email Alerts
  • ⟶ Cost of Ownership/Operation
  • ⟶ Proactive PM Scheduling
  • ⟶ Idle Shut down
  • ⟶ Reduced downtime
  • ⟶ Training management and enforcement

Avro Tracker adds value to your existing GSE fleet, or new equipment from the Avro GSE portfolio, with the ability to monitor and manage all categories of equipment.

Using a web-based service and wireless instrumentation, Avro Tracker provides visibility into, and control over your ground support environment to reduce downtime and streamline operational efficiency.