Products Designed with GSE Directors in Mind

We partner with GSE directors to help solve their most difficult ground support equipment problems

Aviation Research Organization (Avro) Customer Led Research

Our products are designed and manufactured based upon customer led research and direct feedback from GSE Directors driving our innovation and the next generation of electric GSE. We are constantly asking them for their input on where improvements can be made. We continually meet with them to evaluate their maintenance data and solicit their advice in order to improve product reliability and functionality.

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Avro’s Always Available “AAA” Maintenance Spare Program

Many of our clients run 7 X 24 X 365 so there’s no downtime to perform preventive maintenance on their equipment. Another key challenge in the words of a GSE Director is, “Equipment breaks. It’s just a matter of when.” That’s why we created Avro’s Always Available “AAA” Maintenance Spare Program. With our program, at select locations you are provided access to additional spare standby equipment, enhanced support technician availability, and expedited parts delivery. This provides you with the level of confidence that you will always have the equipment your ground operations team need to perform their jobs.

Flexible Warranty Program

GSE Directors know that equipment usage varies greatly by airport location. A standard two – thousand – hour product warranty might take five years to use at a small local airport while a busy international airport will burn through two thousand hours in twenty – four months or less. Avro will work with you to understand your unique situation and customize our product warranty terms to meet your specific business objectives.

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We’re at the forefront of helping our clients achieve their green initiatives, ESG governance programs, and carbon neutral footprint goals. The purpose of our joint research and development with leading GSE battery manufacturers is to provide outstanding performance while maintaining a familiar equipment operation experience and similar instrumentation as our traditional gas powered equipment. Unlike other GSE vendors who promote proprietary battery configurations, we are focused on the integration to the client’s preferred battery and the charging infrastructure within the airport.

Concierge Customer Support

We pride ourselves on providing the highest level of customer service ensuring fast equipment diagnosis and efficient problem resolution for a positive customer experience within every interaction. Parts for many of our products qualify for our same day shipping and on – site technical assistance within three days as part of our standard service program guarantee. We provide real – time diagnostic support always accessible via QR code, on – site technical orientation and product training along with regular performance business review meetings with executive leadership.

“Avro’s customer service has been phenomenal”

GSE Director

Select Products are in Stock and Ready to Ship

Leasing and Rental Programs

We provide flexible rental programs and leasing through strategic partnerships with leading North American leasing providers to meet your specific requirements at the most competitive rates. We pass along the benefits of procurement to the lessee including rebates for quantity discounts, our AAA Maintenance spare program, extended warranty, and Parts and service commitment. We offer customized procurement options to maintain compliance (airport regulation, and airline contracts).

Not the Biggest, But the Best GSE Experience

Avro’s products are currently used in over seventy – five North American airports

“ Avro is quite easy to deal with and they’re extremely responsive.
The best GSE vendor we’ve worked with ” GSE Director

We understand you may be more familiar with other behemoth providers of ground support equipment. At Avro, we believe the business relationships we build with our GSE Director clients is just as important as the purpose built GSE products we provide. Our goal is to make the business of buying GSE easy. We employ a consultative selling approach and methodical product evaluation process. We recommend you trial demo our equipment before buying as we want you to enjoy the Avro experience!