Is Avro GSE Right For You?

Even though Avro’s products are used at over seventy – five North American airports, we understand you may be more familiar with the larger manufacturers of ground support equipment. We believe being smaller is actually a huge advantage as it makes the process of buying GSE easy for you by allowing us to create one – on – one custom business relationships with every client. For example, we can split bill invoices for ground handlers who share the equipment at an airport and we always quickly reimburse you for warranty repairs. While we’re not the biggest, our goal is to provide you with the best GSE Experience.

GSE Products Designed to Solve the Challenges GSE Directors Face

With a 25+ year history of equipment sales and support, we understand what the challenges GSE Directors face. How safe and easy is the equipment for operators to use? How can we get parts and training ? How long will the equipment last and what does it cost to maintain ? Most importantly, what does it cost and how long will it take to get it? Whether you’re a GSE Director who works for a ground handler under a tight deadline to fulfill a new contract or you work for an airline who just announced a new airport location will open in 60 days, call Avro when you need affordable and reliable ground support equipment now!

Safety is First

Creating safe products is at the core of company. We want our clients to be able to use our products with complete trust, safe in the knowledge they adhere to important standards, airport regulations, and are meticulously tested in real – world usage environments. Moreover, they are designed to be operated in a safe manor and prevent potential injuries taking into account the particular skillsets and background of the ground staff who use them. For example, we provide four – wheel braking and suspension on our baggage tractors for greater stopping power and control unlike competitor’s products which only have two wheel braking and no suspension.

Ease of Operation

We continually refine our designs to promote intuitive product usage and functional ergonomics in order to make the ground operators more effective and their jobs easier. For example, GSE Directors continually tell us their operators of our baggage tractors prefer the layout and simplicity of our dashboard versus the other vendors’ tractors they use. We also regularly review how we can improve our training programs and user documentation.

Lower Total Cost of Ownership

We analyze product performance to determine how we can improve product quality, product longevity, and increase the timeframe between periodic maintenance. Given the loss of GSE mechanics since the Covid era, we study what could be changed to reduce maintenance support and repair complexity as well. We work with our clients individually to understand their particular pain points in order to determine what new features to add and how we can upgrade existing features. We will adapt the equipment to their particular specifications.

Customer Service and Parts Commitment

Our Concierge Customer Support program is developed to help reduce downtime while maximizing the value and efficiency of your fleet. We respond to incoming service calls within two hours and non – special order parts will ship on the same day for next day delivery. In the case when advanced diagnosis is required, o n – site technical assistance is provided within a maximum of three days. We provide convenient part ordering and maintenance training at point of delivery with train – the – trainer documentation for future trainings. Access is provided to on – site field service technicians for the first month after purchase and your dedicated contact team thereafter.

Personalized One-on-one Business Relationship

Just as every airline and ground handler has a unique brand that distinguishes it in the marketplace, we personalize the terms and service to meet your specific requirements. You can buy, lease or rent our equipment. We will customize our product warranty terms to meet your specific business objectives. Through Avro’s Always Available “AAA” Maintenance Spare Program, you have access to additional units to serve as a maintenance spare at select locations. Of course, we’ll brand the GSE equipment to your paint and marking specifications .

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