Safely and smoothly load your cargo with our Avro BL30G propane compatible gasoline-powered conveyor belt loader.

Product Details 

  • Hydraulic steering system
  • CAS (Collision Avoidance System) comes as standard
  • Digital controller with self-diagnosis function
  • Vacuum assist hydraulic breaks
  • Front and rear belt height adjustment with variable belt speed
  • Optional onboard telemetry system

Model: BL30G
Power Type: PSI 2.4
Service Weight: 3800kg

Transfer Length: 31” (7650mm)
Transfer Width: 34” (870mm)
Conveyor Belt Transmission Speed: 160-500mm/s
Conveyor Belt Max Tilt Angle: 29°
Turning Radius: 4100/1260mm
Transfer Minimum Height (F/R): 1180/880mm

Size (L x W x H): 315” (8000mm) x 84” (2120mm) x 59” (1500mm)
Wheelbase: 118” (3000mm)
Ground Clearance: 6” (150mm)
Turning Radius: 7600mm
Max Approach Angle: 16°
Min Departure Angle: 17°
Tire: 225/70 R15

Travel Speed (No Load): 28km/hr
Front Axle Load: 2400kg
Rear Axle Load: 3000kg
Max. Gradeability: 10%

Operating Pressure: 8 – 12 Mpa
Max Operating Pressure: 14 Mpa
Hydraulic Transmission Motor Displacement: 0.4L
Hydraulic Oil Tank Capacity: 70L