Our Avro-Tracker fleet management system provides a truly proactive approach for GPS fleet monitoring, maintaining GSE and extending its useful life.

This exciting new technology enables monitoring, tracking, maintaining and controlling GSE equipment to reduce cost, improve efficiency and ensure safety.

Avro Tracker can be used to enhance an existing fleet or maximize the return on investment of new GSE. All of Avro GSE’s equipment comes with one complimentary year of Avro Tracker
fleet telematics.

The data collected and transmitted is processed through a cloud-based software application, then organized and presented in an information dashboard.

Information dashboards present data visually in formats that can be understood intuitively. This makes information easy to interpret and
allows for quick analysis and decisions.

The software organizes real-time details and data history, which are displayed in a variety of screen views and report formats. Instant alerts
can also be scheduled when helpful.

The information dashboards can be viewed through desktops, tablets and mobile devices. Management is able to review fleet status and vehicle activity anytime where internet and cellular access is available.

Level I – Wireless…

Level II – Wireless…

Level III Wireless Verification…