Baggage Tractor - Lead Acid Electric

ST470LA: ST470LA Spec Sheet

Powered by a lead-acid battery, our customers not only enjoy the low maintenance and cost-savings that come with the Avro ST470LA Baggage Tractor, but the ability to tow from front or back. This model has a DBP of 4,700lbs.

Product Details

Hydraulic steering
Front and rear towing couplers with cab control
Standard cab enclosure with windshield and wiper kit
Curtis control system
Vacuum assist hydraulic breaking system
Optional Onboard Telemetry System

Model: ST470LA
Power Type: Lead-Acid Battery 80V/660AH
Service Weight: 9921lbs (4500kg)

Size (L x W x H): 125” (3165mm) X 56” (1420mm) X 76” (1940mm)
Wheelbase: 63” (1610mm)
Towing Couplers Height: 12” (305mm)
Ground Clearance: 5” (120mm)
Turning Radius: 136” (3450mm)

Speed (Loaded/Unloaded): L: 10km/H U: 20km/H
Front Axle Load: 3300lb (1500kg)
Rear Axle Load: 6600lb (3000kg)
Max Drawbar Pull: 4700lb (21kn)

Front, Rear: 6.50-10-10pr, 7.00-12-12pr
Operating Voltage: 80V
AH Capacity: 660AH

Rated Power: 23kW
Rated Torque: 1065 N-m
Rated Speed: 2063 Rpm
Rated Current 295A
Motor Rating: S2 60min

Heat: Optional
Cab: Open, Fully Enclosed