Baggage Tractor - Lithium Electric

ST470LI: ST470LI Specification Sheet

Perfect for the environmentally-conscious ground handler, our Avro ST470LI Baggage Tractor is powered by a lithium-electric battery, sparing you the need for fuel and cutting your operational costs. This model has a DBP of 5,000 lb.

Product Details

• Hydraulic steering
• Front and rear towing couplers with cab control
• Standard cab enclosure with windshield and wiper kit
• Digital controller with self-diagnosis function
• Vacuum assist hydraulic breaking system
• Optional Onboard Telemetry System

Model: ST470LI
Power Type: Lithium
Battery: 80V/660AH
Service Weight: 9921lbs (4500kg)

Size (L x W x H): 125” (3165mm) x 56” (1420mm) x 76” (1940mm)
Wheelbase: 63” (1610mm)
Towing Couplers Height: 12” (305mm)
Ground Clearance: 5” (120mm)
Turning Radius: 136” (3450mm)

Front, Rear: 6.50-10-10PR, 7.00-12-12PR

Speed (Loaded/Unloaded): L: 10km/h U: 20km/h
Front Axle Load: 3300lb (1500kg)
Rear Axle Load: 6600lb (3000kg)
Max Drawbar Pull: 4700lb (21kN)

Operating Voltage: 80V
Capacity: 660AH

Rated Power: 23 kW
Rated Torque: 106.5 N-m
Rated Speed: 2063rpm
Rated Current: 295A
Motor Rating: S2 60min

Heat: Optional
Cab: Open, Fully Enclosed