Aviation Pollution Solutions 101

Going Green Reducing Ground Support Equipment CO2 costs

It’s no secret that the aviation industry is a huge contributor to world pollution.

According to the Canadian Airports Council, aviation is responsible for 12% of CO2 emissions from all transport sources.

Here are three green-friendly ground service equipment products and solutions that can help you lower your carbon footprint as well as offer you cost-savings as a bonus.

Electric powered equipment

Forget using fuel to power your equipment – electric powered equipment is not only a greener solution, but a more cost-effective solution as well.

Electric baggage tractors are one way to opt for electric powered instead of fuel powered equipment.

Electric baggage tractors use a lithium or lead-acid battery which is charged and designed to last in this high-demanding environment.

Along with baggage tractors, electric push-back ground support equipment  is another powered option to help you minimize airport fuel use.

Unlike diesel-operated push-back equipment, these powered, wireless, remote-controlled push-backs and tractors operate on a battery that charges up like any other powered device.

Ditch the fuel – just power up and go!

Watch a video on how electric push-back equipment works here.

The Avro Tracker, seen mounted on the dashboard of this baggage tractor.

Reduce idling time

Forget releasing unnecessary fuel emissions into the atmosphere.

Idling of combustion-powered ground support equipment is not only bad for the environment, but it’s also unnecessary.

Luckily, modern technology systems can help you prevent idling. For example, the Avro Tracker system includes a feature to automatically turn-off idling ground support equipment. This is made possible with configurable sensors that know when ground support equipment is unoccupied and a certain time has lapsed – preventing unnecessary fuel usage.

If that isn’t a great enough perk, you can also view and control these settings remotely anywhere Wi-Fi is available.

Quality and durability

Choosing high-quality ground service equipment can lengthen the life of your fleet. The longer your ground service equipment lasts, the less equipment you need to purchase over time. This increase in life cycle translates to a lower waste contribution since old equipment needs to be discarded less frequently.

In addition to choosing high-quality ground service equipment, pro-active maintenance can increase your equipment’s life cycle. Always look for a ground service equipment provider that offers pre-packed maintenance plans.

Choosing ground service equipment that requires less maintenance in the long-run also helps to lower an operator’s carbon footprint. For example, non-powered equipment that uses fuel also require oil changes which uses products that contribute to waste. Choosing electric powered equipment reduces the need for wasteful products used in maintenance upkeep.

By selecting equipment made from high-quality sources along with performing scheduled maintenance, you can prolong your ground service equipment’s life cycle and minimize your waste contribution.

A greener future

According to the Canadian Airports Council, today’s aircrafts are 70% more fuel-efficient than they were 40 years ago and aircraft operations are already 20% more fuel efficient in the past 10 years.

With aircraft operators becoming more and more environmentally consciousness, why not join the effort today?

Consider using electric powered equipment and the AvroTracker to control your combustion-powered ground support equipment idling time.

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