How To Ensure a Ground Support Equipment Safety Checklist is Always Completed

Oct 12, 2017

How could Ground Support Equipment Managers ensure that every unit is checked by every operator every shift? Is that even possible?

Yes it is, with Wireless Verification.

Ground Support Equipment Telematics now affords GSE managers the ability to equip every unit in their airport fleet with a digital pre-operational safety checklist.

These devices allow for units to be inspected wirelessly and prevents equipment to be operated until specific maintenance checks are completed and passed.

GSE Telematics and Ground Support Equipment Safety

Will the completion of a digital safety checklist every shift impact your airport operation?

Completing a pre-operational checklist digitally provides instant notification of any faulty items. Site maintenance receives automatic emails highlighting items needing immediate attention. Equipment is subsequently wirelessly disabled, awaiting inspection by mechanics (which can ultimately reduce airport down-time due to equipment issues). A wirelessly verified checklist allows repairs to be made before additional more expensive damage occurs.

A digital checklist eliminates paper, moving an inefficient, expensive, and manual part of your GSE operation to a more efficient online system. In turn, this reduces the waste and the costs to your operation for managing, storing, and retrieving hard-copies of documented checklists (your Base Manager and Asset Controls Manager will be super happy about that!). The resulting cost-reduction in paper processing can, for GSE operations with three (3) shifts, reduce the generation of over 750 paper maintenance tickets per year per unit!


BUT, will the completion of a digital checklist every shift keep your people and organization safe?

Telematics employ a tracking system which allows GSE Operations and Maintenance Managers to see which operators are passing and failing the pre-operational checklist. What that really translates to is not just incremental, but infinite savings. Savings in intangible ways like:

  • Peace Of Mind For Your Crew: The ‘grey’ area of maintenance decisions – to use or not to use – a piece of equipment is gone. With a checklist, all of your operators – newcomers to the job or those with years of experience are on equal and safe ground when it comes to operating a unit. A checklist eliminates the ambiguity surrounding some maintenance checks, and gives all operators assurance. Because as the Checklist Manifesto notes, “…we are fallible, even as experts.”. All members of your crew can have confidence in the safety of their workplace with a pre-operational checklist.
  • Proactive Protection Of Your Organization: A checklist can protect your brand. By implementing a quick and easy way to mitigate risk to your crew, your equipment, and your airport etc. you can perpetually limit the number of accidents and injuries that have the potential for a disastrously negative impact on your workforce and your brand. A reputation for the highest standards of safety is definitely not a bad ‘rep’ for your brand to have!

The Avro Tracker is aircraft support equipment and GSE fleet tracking technology that incorporates a critical pre-shift safety checklist for the ensured safety of your operation and your people.


If you’re looking to enhance the safety of your GSE operation let us know. We’d be happy to schedule a demo of the Avro Tracker and it’s Pre-Shift Inspection Checklist function for you and your team.

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