[Free eBook Download] Fleet Management Systems for Airport Ground Support

Fleet Management Systems for Airport Ground Support

Jan 9, 2018

Air travel is on the rise and everyone wants airports today to move faster and more efficiently! As capacity expands, so will the need for more advanced strategies to manage larger quantities of ground support equipment, personnel, and information. This eBook looks closely at the benefits of implementing fleet management systems for airport ground support by integrating the latest connected technologies, telematics.

In this eBook you will learn more about how you can achieve a new level of visibility and control over your fleet and personnel, with tools to increase efficiency by applying the wireless and cloud-based technologies that are driving success in other industries.

You’ll have access to everything you need, to make data-driven decisions to prevent downtime and find continuous cost savings.

This eBook will also provide a thorough explanation of the components and connectivity of fleet management systems for airport ground support, in order for you to better understand how it works and how to interpret the data that you receive.  It will explain how this system can help you proactively manage and control 4 key areas: Fleet, Workforce, Data and Costs.

Need proof that this technology actually works in the aviation industry?! In this eBook, you’ll learn about about one of the world’s largest air freight companies who has successfully implemented a fleet management system and is now operating more safely and efficiently – realizing savings daily!

There is no doubt that airport services that rely on outdated systems in this fast-paced environment, will face overwhelming challenges related to equipment control and inefficiency, safety and compliance, to name just a few. These obstacles will likely lead them to fall behind their competitors who have turned to innovative technologies, like fleet management systems, to help them keep pace and remain profitable in a growing market.

Download your FREE eBook today to learn more about how this technology can help you speed up airplane turnaround time, and reduce costs!