Avro GSE’s powered equipment line is stacked: includes Fleet Management System & Managed Maintenance Program!

Jun 26, 2018

June 26, 2018. Avro GSE, a subsidiary of Saskarc Industries, launched their new line of powered equipment today. Not only is the equipment modern, lean and green, but it is equipped with their fleet management system – Avro Tracker – and has a one year managed maintenance program, called Avro Care, included.

The new line of Avro GSE powered ground handling equipment includes several models of baggage tractors, an aircraft pushback tractor, a conveyor belt loader, and more. Several items in their new product line are electric, which will help customers reduce their carbon footprint and cut costs. All of the equipment is specifically manufactured to withstand the harsh North American climate and comes with a 24 month warranty.

Under the Avro Care program, Avro GSE proactively monitors and manages all Avro GSE powered equipment and vehicle maintenance for one year, while longer subscription terms are offered and recommended. With three-tiered service levels of the Avro Tracker available, the Avro Care program enhances operations by helping to avoid unscheduled downtime due to malfunctioning equipment or poor operator behavior. This fleet management solution combined with the vendor managed maintenance program, will help prolong equipment life and maximize the value, performance, and efficiency of equipment assets.

Additional benefits of the Avro Care program include:

  • Minimizing the expenses of servicing a large equipment fleet
  • Simplifying and streamlining the job of fleet management
  • Continuous monitoring of operational status and service intervals
  • Locking in maintenance costs over the period of coverage
  • Documenting the complete service history for GSE

Levels of Avro Care:

Under the Avro Care program, customers have the option to select three levels of tiered care for the Avro Tracker Fleet Management System as well as select a Prepaid Scheduled Maintenance Program.

Avro Tracker Fleet Management System

This innovative technology enables monitoring, tracking, maintaining and controlling equipment to reduce cost, improve efficiency and ensure safety.

  • Level 1: Wireless Monitoring and Preventative Maintenance (included with all purchased equipment for a year)
  • Level 2: Adds Operator Visibility and Fuel Savings to Level 1
  • Level 3: Adds Access Control and Compliance Enforcement to Level 2.

Prepaid Scheduled Maintenance Program (up to five years of coverage)

Time is valuable – use yours to manage your business while we manage your maintenance. 1-year subscription included, additional years are optional, yet recommended. Benefits of the program include:

  • Notification prior to scheduled maintenance intervals
  • Just-In-Time shipment of certified parts
  • Notification of equipment fault codes and parts replacement
  • Saving money on parts (your labor performs the maintenance).

Visit Avro GSE at Miami Ground Handling International Conference

Avro GSE is exhibiting at the fourth annual Ground Handling International Expo in Miami June 26 – 28, 2018. Visit our aviation experts in booth E21 to learn more about the new powered equipment line and the Avro Care program. Learn more about the GHI Expo at https://americas.groundhandling.com/

About Avro GSE

Avro GSE supplies advanced aviation ground support equipment and services to North America and several international markets. We offer the highest quality GSE in terms of performance, durability and serviceability to maximize availability, operational efficiency and ROI. The Avro Tracker fleet management system is a unique and integral part of our ability to reduce downtime, maximize efficiency and ensure a safe environment for ground service workers and airline passengers. Avro GSE is a Saskarc company. Established in 1991, Saskarc has forged a solid reputation as an industry leading modular metal fabricator and equipment supplier for North America and beyond. Visit www.avrogse.com

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