What is Green GSE?

Oct 26, 2018

Over the years, there’s been much discussion about green movements within the aviation industry. On a daily basis, we’re bombarded with messages about eco-friendly products, saving the earth and being environmentally friendly.

But what exactly is “green” Ground Service Equipment (GSE)? Green GSE extends far past the equipment itself, and in this blog we explain what exactly the green GSE movement is all about.

More than just equipment

“Going green” is about so much more than just using green GSE equipment. Going green is about a larger strategy within GSE operations to lower C02 emissions. This includes so much more than equipment – it’s about using technology and thoughtful strategies to lower the pollution you emit into the air.

Technology like fleet management tracking solutions is one tactic under a green strategy that can help you achieve greener solutions.

For example, AvroTracker is fleet management technology that helps to give you a big picture view of your operations. This big picture view can help you identify operator behaviors that increase cost of ownership, including fuel consumption. By identifying costly operating behaviors as they occur, you can effectively stop and prevent them from occurring.

Going paperless when possible is another tactic to be kinder to the earth. The AvroTracker allows you to capture digital reports, which eliminate the need for paper usage. These reports can be sent to any connected device such as a tablet or computer via wifi.

But most importantly, these individual tactics are not siloed efforts – they are conscious, small, collective decisions to lower your carbon footprint as a GSE company in any way possible.


This belt loader, bag tractor and aircraft tow tractor, pictured above, are all electric powered GSE, one way to modernize your fleet and streamline operations. 

Fuel-less solutions

Using fuel-less GSE options like electric-powered GSE is great way to go green and eliminate C02 emissions, not to mention that your pocket book benefits as well.

Choosing to use electric baggage tractors, pushbacks and carts that use a lithium or lead-acid battery which is charged and designed to last through a busy day’s cycle is one of the best ways to lower your carbon footprint. Electric-powered GSE is becoming the new choice not only for companies that are going green, but also for companies who wish to curb costs.

Electric-powered GSE is not the only way to go green. Diesel-powered GSE is far more efficient than its fuel-powered counterpart.

More efficiency, less waste

Electric-powered GSE equipment is not the only way ground support companies can lower their carbon footprint. There are other options, such as diesel-powered equipment, which offers much lower fuel consumption than gasoline-powered equipment.

Individually, it seems small, but collectively, there are hundreds of pieces of GSE operating at any airport. This can make quite a difference in the big picture.

Choosing a pre-managed maintenance program along with your GSE equipment is a great way to avoid downtime, which is essentially waste. Downtime isn’t just hurtful to your pocketbook, it hurts your resources as well. Downtime may mean you have to pull in other GSE to continue your operations while you current GSE is being repaired. This can be avoided with a pre-managed maintenance plan.

Depending on the materials of the GSE, when it reaches the end of its life, some of the components may be recyclable. The green movement is about eliminating unnecessary waste whenever possible, and eliminating fuel consumption, downtime and material waste are great tactics to help achieve your larger green strategy outcomes.

Avro GSE is part of the Saskarc family of companies.

We keep your GSE equipment and overall aircraft operations working efficiently and help our customers avoid downtime caused by old, outdated or malfunctioning GSE. We help customers modernize their fleet with advanced technology to maximize reliability, operational efficiency, and overall safety.

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